Sunday, June 22, 2014

Porter Beach

We were hoping for a gorgeous beach day on the way home but the clouds seem to follow us where ever we went on this trip! We stopped anyways and the sun did peak out for a little bit. The water was freezing but the didn't stop the girls from getting in and loving it for a couple hours!
What a great couple days to share with Amy, Emily and Claire!!!

Visit with Bottarelli's in Naperville...

 Wednesday night we arrived to the Bottarelli's and the kids played, had a dance party and then settled in for a movie! We took advantage of the time and enjoyed catching up over a drink on their beautiful covered porch!
 Friday after breakfast we headed to 
Morton Arboretum which was beautiful park! 

 I think the kids favorite part was going through the tadpole pond a catching them! 
Very cool!

 After Picnic lunch we then head Centennial Beach. Unfornately we were only there about 45mintues and they closed due to lighting. We headed back to the house and waited it out. Again kids playing and mama's enjoying a drink on the covered porch! :) 
It was a quick storm, sun came out and we headed back to enjoy some more fun! Bryan brought us pizza for dinner!

Ended a great day with some delicious gelato!

Amy and I had a great little get away with our girls and so glad we got to visit with friends too!
Thanks for having us, Katherine!!!

Exploring the City!!!

 The Bean 
At Millennium Park

 Then we hit the fountains! 
Bella loved it!
 Besides American Girl...The Girls thought the Cab right was the most exciting part!
 We then went to Navy Pier which ended up being a disappointment b.c it was under a lot of construction!
 The Girls had a lot of fun sharing some nachos and dancing around!
We got in the car in just in the nick of time b.c the skies unleashed seconds later as we left the city for Naperville!

American Girl Surprise

 Amy and I decided since the "Boys aka Dad's" were going away on a golf trip the girls would have fun too!!! We were headed to Chicago but the little girls didn't know the surprise that was waiting for them!
A Trip to American Girl Store!!!
 First we enjoyed a lunch at the American Girl cafe!
 Then explored the store and a little shopping too!!!
We had so much fun!

Prayer Blanket Sign Up

  Friends and Family~
Bella's 1st of 4 surgeries on her ear is June 27th.

This is something we have learned and prepared for over the last 7 years yet as it near closer I am not sure a parents heart are ever completely ready. Knowing that Bella is covered with prayers during her surgery will help us all know she's in good hands!

This surgery will last about 6hrs at Riley Hospital. They will do a rib graft to start to "create" an ear. Unfortunately this will be pretty painful. We are very hopeful with a nerve block and pain pump we will be able to keep her pain under control.
If you are would like to be a part of Bella's prayer "Blanket"please let us know what time slot/slots you'd like to cover Bella with.
Attached is our "blanket" full of times! Please fill free to share as we have lots of slots to fill!

Our family is so grateful for you being a blessing and covering our sweet Bella with prayers during her surgery!

Tim, Allison and Bella

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Catching up....

Anyone still out there????
I got so far behind that thinking of catching up on post was daunting so I am just going to start current and maybe catch up later!
So hopefully soon you will our family happenings in new post!!!
Stay tuned!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Indiana State Fair!!!

Is there more than corn in Indiana??

Bella petting the baby calf that was just a few hours old!

Daddy was a sucker a bought Bella a wrist band...

So I think she did this about 20times

and even ran into a classmate, Kylie!

Aunt Rachel joined us for FUN!

Another great year at the State Fair!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, MOM!!!

We took my mom out for lunch on her Birthday. Then she took Bella to get a new outfit or 2 for school! She claimed she couldn't imagine another way to spend her Birthday! Then we went to Orange Leaf for a Birthday treat! Mom, you are beautiful and we hope you Have a Wonderful Birthday! We love you!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 years...

In between, coming home from Vacation, Packing and getting everything in order to move... we took time out on our 9th Anniversary to enjoy an awesome dinner and Harry and Izzy!  I can't imagine sharing this journey with anyone else but you,Tim! May we have many more year of love, laughter and living!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday, Parade, Bonfires and Friends

Then It was Addie and Amy's on the 4th!
1st we celebrated Angie's bday on August 3rd

How doesn't love to celebrate birthday and 3 very special ones on top of that!
After dinner each night we'd either take a boat road and or start a bonfire! It was a great way to relax and enjoy the rest of the night!

What Beauties!!!

Papa Nick in the parade!